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Not just search links.

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Introducing Quark

Unique deep NLP solution for enterprise Sales & Support that provides real answers to questions, not just document links.


Why search when you and your customers can simply ask?

Digging through search results, web pages, community forums, troubleshooting guides, user manuals, and research papers is time consuming & expensive. Not to mention, really frustrating.

We can help. With, get answers from all your documents instantly.

Quark solution impacts


Boost sales productivity by enabling fast customer research, lead tracking, and instant answers to product questions.

Result: No more lost opportunities.


Achieve very low time to resolution for support tickets by enabling increased agent productivity and super-charged self-help.

Result: Happy customers

Research Analysts

Achieve instant knowledge without combing through earnings calls, news, and corporate reports.

Result: Increased Revenue

What if you could get

0 Less support tickets

+11 NPS

after 4 months improvement


seconds spent by users finding information


faster resolution by call and chat agents.


Increased revenue due to significant increase in sales productivity. Happy customers due to bottom-line impacting drop in time-to-resolution of support issues.

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