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Deployable AI-based Q&A solution Bring ‘Siri’ and ‘Alexa’ like functionality to your website!


Why search when you and your customers can simply ask?

Digging through search results, web pages, community forums, troubleshooting guides, user manuals, and research papers is a terrible waste of time and money. And it is frustrating user experience.

Let’s change search. And your bottom line. Together.

Quark solution

For enterprise

Provides best in class AI-based support deflection solution. Presents solutions from manuals, knowledge bases, and existing tickets. Surfaces answers from forum posts with very high accuracy. Enables support agents to find answers to customer questions very fast.

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For SMEs and local businesses

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have changed user expectations. Nobody wants to do keyword search and go through documents in search results to find answers. Our solution embedded on websites enables users to ask questions in natural language and get answers right away. Exactly how your users expect!

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For Practitioners

Researchers keep up to date with latest research publications in their field. It is almost impossible for practitioners such as clinicians and civil engineers to be in sync with fast-paced research. Our solution enables practitioners to be informed by the latest research at the point of need.

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Our innovative technology

Deep Learning

Natural Language understanding

Artificial intelligence that deals with machine reading comprehension

Ai planning techiques

Natural language processing

Quark platform

Our Cognitive Q&A Platform addresses the need for enterprise question/answering, customer support, self-service engineering, and support deflection. Our Research Insights platform caters to practitioners who don’t have time and resources to keep up to date with all the research in their field.

How it works and compares with others

Quark platform in action

Delivery channels for our solution

We cover all the most used systems, each customer will be able to find a solution suitable for his needs


Power search interface present on enterprise websites.
Users can enter questions or describe their problem (instead of keywords)

Chat UI

Same as Omnibox but allows better interaction and more personalization. If enterprise already has chatbot then provide API to our Q&A as SaaS

Widgets for website developers

WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, and other popular web and hosting providers. Q&A as SaaS. Widget for enterprise support pages

Integration with Atlassian Jira, Zendesk, Service Now, etc.


Search, Chatbot solutions, and our Q&A Platform for Support Deflection

Old-fashioned search is very inefficient. However, websites still have search because there was no way to enable users to ask question. Until now.

We are not a chatbot company. However, chatbots can be an effective channel for enterprise question answering. Here is how we compare.

Regular chat-bot solutions

Most support chatbots typically collect user information and provide canned responses before handing over to a real person.

  • Canned answers only

    Provides canned responses and is limited to providing answers based on pre-existing FAQs if any.

  • No options or choice

    Have to use solution provider’s chatbot.

  • No omnibox / search box support

    Does not power omnibox / search box.

  • No surfacing of tickets

    Does not surface matching support tickets.

  • No community forum search

    Does not power community forum search.

  • High touch

    Typically needs deep integration such as APIs for your database access.

  • Works only with FAQs

    Makes use of structured FAQs but not most other sources of public knowledge.

Quark Cognitive Q&A Platform

Delivers self-service support solutions through multiple channels, one of which is through chatbots.

  • Real time data access

    Finds answers in real time and does not depend on FAQs.

  • Multiple choices for integration

    Provides API if you already have deployed chatbot. Otherwise, you have the option to user our chatbot.

  • Powerfull Q&A interface

    Converts your existing search into a question answering interface where users can choose to ask questions and describe their problems instead of guessing search keywords.

  • Surface matching support tickets

    Surfaces solutions from support tickets of other users who have had similar issue but worded differently.

  • Community forum crawl

    Discovers community forum posts with same intention as user’s question and surfaces accepted answers.

  • Easy entry and integration

    Low touch by your employees and does not require deep integration with your systems.

  • Access to multiple sources

    Crawls your public documentation, web pages, discussion forums, FAQs, Knowledge Bases, Blogs, etc. so that you can have a solution up and running quickly.

What if you could achieve

0 Less support tickets

+11 NPS

after 4 months improvement


seconds spent by users finding information


faster resolution by call and chat agents.


Our Cognitive Q&A Platform delivers significantly more support deflection and far better call center SLA than comparable solutions.

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