Our SaaS offerings are built around a core Cognitive Q&A platform. We provide  end-to-end solution that may involve custom services depending on your domain, and the state of your current documents and systems.

  • Quark S3 (for enterprise)
  • Quark XP (for small to medium businesses)
  • Quark Insights (for professionals, service providers, and publishers)
  • Quark Alchemy (dataset creation, cleanup, tagging services for all kinds of NLP applications)

We may consider on-prem deployments on a case by case basis.

Quark S3

Automated support that can answer how and why questions

It is our flagship solution for Self-Service Support and Support Deflection. The complete solution may need one or more of the following steps:

  • Dataset creation
  • Data cleanup and tagging
  • Onboarding
  • Integration with your ticketing system
  • APIs and widget for search box
  • APIs and widget for chatbot
  • Usage and deflection analytics
  • Auto-scaling
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
Quark S3 Watson Services Microsoft Services Typical chatbot companies
Answers factual questions from unstructured text?
Does not depend on existence of FAQs
Answers How/Why/Troubleshooting questions
Comprehensive solution (e.g., dataset creation)?
Pricing affordable?
Available to all?

This comprehensive solution hooks up to your systems at multiple levels:

    1. Try out as a separate channel with minimal or no effect on your existing systems, run AB experiments to see effectiveness of various self service channels:
      1. If you don’t have a chatbot, deploy this system to power a chatbot. The rest of your system stays the same.
      2. Power either your search box or existing chatbot with Quark S3.
    2. Integrate with your ticketing system
      1. Internal facing
        1. Enable your support team to find better solution faster (way better than possible with old-style search)
        2. System brings up potential solutions from documents and solved tickets right away
        3. All benefits and no risk
        4. Customers don’t see auto-generated answers
        5. Support staff can select and modify the best answer
      2. External facing
        1. Deflect tickets upfront
        2. Help them find solutions via either search (aka ASK) box or chatbot
        3. Show potential solutions to the customer as soon as they have entered enough details of the ticket
    3. Integrate with ticketing interface of your SaaS provider if their search is not helping your objectives in terms of
      1. Ticket resolution time
      2. Quality of resolution
      3. Velocity of resolution

Quark XP

Search replacement
This enterprise Q&A system enables small to medium businesses to take their customers eXPerience to new heights.

Your customers are getting used to personal digital assistants at home, their smartphones, and on their computers. Provide them answers then and there instead of subjecting them to search fatigue and keyword guessing game.

No dependence on FAQs
Best of all, you do not need FAQs — the system finds answers from your existing webpages, documents, and forums!

Integration and Deployment
Our plugins make integration a breeze. And we are happy to integrate with your specific hosting system we don’t yet have plugin for it yet.

Deployment is a two step process. After your sign up and configure the system, it will index your content and either generate widget code or point you to existing plugin for omni box and/or chatbot. Then you enable the widget or plugin on your site and your site automagically starts to answer questions from your users!

Quark Insights

Find answers from research papers
Our Research Insights solution caters to

  • Professionals and service providers (such as doctors offices and construction companies) who subscribe to research and professional journals in their field, and
  • Publishers of scholarly content such as journals and conference proceedings

Quark Insights indexes the articles you own and provides widgets that you can use on your internal website (to power either search box and/or chatbot). Alternatively, we can host it for you if you do not have a website.

Quark Alchemy

Training data creation and cleanup service
We have built a comprehensive system for curation and analysis of all kinds of textual data. It is for use by primarily our in-house linguists. However, we maybe able to license this SaaS tool on a case-by-case basis.

  • Have you hired NLP/Machine Learning team/consultants but are not getting results due to quality of your textual data?
  • Do you have tons of tickets that are not directly amenable to machine learning and NLP tools?
  • Is the state of your textual data hampering the progress of you machine learning and NLP team?
  • Do you need to create training data for paraphrase detection, question answering, classification and clustering?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then uur professional services business around Quark Alchemy can help!